salt water chlorinators

Best Salt Chlorinators for Pools

Salt chlorinators for pools are becoming more and more popular with Australian households wanting a sparkling swimming pool.  As a result of this growing popularity there are now a number of different salt chlorinators for pools in the market. The greater the choice available the harder it is to determine the best salt chlorinator for…


How Does a Solar Controller Work?

Solar controllers measure the heat of the swimming pool water throughout the day.  They then regulate the temperature of the pool by means of controlling a pump which circulates the water through the solar collector. The purpose of the solar controller is to ensure that your swimming pool is kept to the temperature that you…

Pool Cover Rollers

Types of Pool Cover Rollers

It is not easy to remove a pool cover without a pool cover winder of some sort.  Not only is it difficult but you are far more likely to damage your pool cover by knocking and scraping it as you struggle to remove the cover by hand. If you already have a pool cover and…

benefits of having solar pool heating

Benefits of Having a Solar Heated Pool

What are the benefits of Having a Solar Heated Pool? Whether you live in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast or northern New South Wales there are many benefits of a solar heated pool. Swim More Months of the Year Firstly and most importantly by having a solar heated pool you will be…

Do Solar Panels Get Damaged in Hail? Lightening, Trees etc

Do solar panels get damaged by hail?

Because of the frequency and intensity of storms in Brisbane, a lot of people worry about hail damage to their solar panels. But at Eco Solar Pool heating, we use high-quality solar panels made from strong materials that are very resistant to hail. However, that doesn’t mean you can tear up your insurance policy just yet.…

How To Prepare for a Storm In Brisbane - Eco Solar Brisbane

How to prepare for storm season in Brisbane

In Brisbane, storm season usually runs from November to February. So now is the perfect time to prepare for storm season. Remember—if you own a solar power system with panels on your roof, hail or fallen branches can easily damage these. In severe storms, a number of other pool products can also be damaged. Preparing…