Do Solar Panels Get Damaged in Hail? Lightening, Trees etc

Do solar panels get damaged by hail?

Because of the frequency and intensity of storms in Brisbane, a lot of people worry about hail damage to their solar panels. But at Eco Solar Pool heating, we use high-quality solar panels made from strong materials that are very resistant to hail. However, that doesn’t mean you can tear up your insurance policy just yet.…

How To Prepare for a Storm In Brisbane - Eco Solar Brisbane

How to prepare for storm season in Brisbane

In Brisbane, storm season usually runs from November to February. So now is the perfect time to prepare for storm season. Remember—if you own a solar power system with panels on your roof, hail or fallen branches can easily damage these. In severe storms, a number of other pool products can also be damaged. Preparing…

How do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work

How do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work?

Electric Swimming Pool Heat Pumps A swimming pool electrical heat pump is a great way to provide yearlong heating to your swimming pool. The electric heat pump works in much the same fashion as a traditional inverter air-conditioner – using the principle of extracting heat from the ambient air environment rather then relying on the…