Heating your swimming pool is the best way to enjoy the swimming season all year round.  Pool Heat Pumps are designed to heat your pool in a cost effective way and are a good alternative if you don’t have access to gas or gas is uneconomical in your area.

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Pool Heat Pumps Brisbane

Pool Heat Pump


The AstralPool Heat Pump has been designed to heat your swimming pool using electricity but in an efficient way.  The Pool Heat Pump uses renewable energy by transferring the lattent heat from the air into the pool water using an environmentally friendly refrigerant gas.  The Pool Heat Pump does use electricity too, but only a small amount as the electricity used by the Pool Heat Pump is not used to create heat but is used to compress and move refrigerated gas through the evaporator and condenser. This transfers heat from the atmosphere into the water in your swimming pool.  These Pool Heat Pumps work in a similar way to air conditioners and refrigerators.

Pool Heat Pumps even work in cold conditions meaning you can swim in your pool for a longer period of time.  If you want to swim only in summer, autumn and spring then you do not need as large a pump as you would need if you wanted to use your pool all year round.  This can save you some money in the upfront cost and running costs, however you may want to consider the option of having a heated pool throughout the year.  In terms of efficiency, for every kW of electricity used, the Pool Heat Pumps collect around six kW of heat from the atmosphere saving you money and providing an efficient method of heating your swimming pool.

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Commercial Pool Heat Pumps

Commercial Pool Heat Pump


The Vhesat series available from AstralPool are designed to cope with the demands of the modern aquatic facility, no matter what size it is.  Not only will an Vhesat Pool Heat Pump heat and cool the water to your required temperature , but they do so efficiently and have low operating costs.  Commercial Pool Heat Pumps from Astral have a heating capacity from 13kW to 210kW and can cool from 8.8kW up to 150kW.

So no matter what water temperature your aquatic facility requires, Astral Pool Heat Pumps will be able to deliver it.  All in all these are one of the most economical capital outlays that are available for hotels, clubs or other aquatic facilities.

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Cost to supply and install a swimming pool heat pump are calculated on the size of your pool, such as the length metres x width metres or the litres of the pool.
Size of heat pumps vary but the pricing ranges from $3,100 to $8,300 for a large pool.

We can install the Pool Heat Pump of your choice.  Contact us today and we will ensure that your family will be shortly able to enjoy swimming in a heated pool.