Pool Blankets

Solar pool blankets allow sunlight to pass through the cover to heat your pool.  The heat is generated in a similar way to that of a magnifying glass.  Pool solar blankets also provide thermal insulation retaining the heat inside your pool.

We recommend, source and install pool blankets in SE QLD and Northern NSW:

We install Daisy Pool Covers.  Their ultradome solar blanket is a very good product.  Find out more by clicking here. The ultradome is a bubble shape cover and according to Daisy will heat your pool by 6 to 8 degrees in summer and 4 to 6 degrees in spring.

Solar Pool Blanket Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia: Eco Solar

What are the benefits of a pool blanket?

Heat your pool

A solar pool blanket is a cost effective way to heat your pool.  They absorb energy and temperature through the heat of the day and then at night prevent heat loss.  Solar pool blankets are also referred to as solar pool covers and there is a wide range available.

Prevent evaporation

Swimming pool solar blankets minimise heat loss from evaporation.  Around 75% of a pool’s heat loss is due to evaporation. The pool solar blanket is an effective barrier between the air and water in the pool.

Reduce heating costs

Pool solar blankets will save you money – around 70% of your heating costs. Affordable pool heating

As stated previously pool solar blankets are very affordable.  They range in price but can be as low as $100.  Obviously the higher the price the better quality the pool solar blanket, the more effective the product and the higher level of durability.  All swimming pool solar blankets deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced.  Due to their low cost, even whilst they need replacing regularly, pool solar blankets still remain a cost effective method of pool heating.

Keep your swimming pool cleaner

Pool solar blankets not only heat your pool but they keep most of the dirt, especially leaves out of your pool making it easier to keep sparkling clean all year round. You will also save on pool maintenance costs as you will need fewer chemicals (about 50% less) to keep your swimming pool clean. In addition you will also be doing the environment a favour by using less harmful chemicals in your pool. By keeping your pool cleaner pool solar blankets also mean you will save hours and hours of time that you would have spent previously cleaning your pool.

More swimming

As pool solar blankets can heat your pool to higher temperatures you and your family are able to swim in a comfortable temperature for a longer period of the year.  You will also be able to swim for more hours of the day as the solar pool cover keeps the water warm even during the cooler evenings.  So a solar pool cover will benefit you by enabling you to swim for more months of the year and also for longer period of time each day when previously your pool was just not warm enough to swim in.

Assists solar pool and other pool heating systems

A pool blanket can be used as an addition to a separate pool heating system, helping the heating system by reducing evaporation and using sunlight to heat the pool.

Save on water bills

By cutting down the evaporation (around 97%) of your pool water solar pool blankets reduce the amount of times that you have to add water to your pool, thereby saving you money.

For more information on solar pool blankets and Eco Solar Pool Heating click here.