Solar Pool Heating Repairs

Eco Solar Pool Heating can repair your strip collector or solar panel pool heating system for you.  All makes, brands and ages of solar pool heating systems including the heat pumps.

Solar Pool Heating Repairs

Whilst solar pool heating systems are robust and durable there are times when they do need repair and maintenance.  Our repair services are competitively priced.  More importantly we take pride in our work and we will do a very comprehensive and professional repair of your solar heating system, no matter what the fault may be.

The cost of your repair will of course be determined by the nature of damage, the cost of replacement materials if required and the time that is needed to complete a through repair of your heating system.  Please contact us on 3829 3324 and we will be happy to provide you with advice and answer any questions you may have regarding our repair services.

Solar Pool Heating Maintenance

Regular maintenance (minimum twice a year) could save you from some costly repairs.  As part of a maintenance inspection we will examine:

The performance of your heating pump.

The heating pump settings.

The temperature gauge.

The condition and functioning performance of your solar panels or strip collectors on your roof.

The water flow valves, the pressure gauge and the vacuum relief value.

We will also run a full diagnostic test and will flush the system.

Find out more about our maintenance here

Signs your System Needs Repairs

Pool water level falls.

Pool temperature lower.

Pool no longer heating or cooling.

Visible loose strip collectors.

Visible signs of leakage.

No surges of air expelling into the pool.

Solar heating pump is noisier, making strange sounds and/or performance seems erratic.

Causes of Repairs

Repair to your solar pool heating system may be required due to:

Hail damage.

Damage from strong winds.

Heater pump faults and malfunctions.

System blockages.

Damage made by cockatoos.

Insufficient care and maintenance of the system.

General wear and tear that can occur after years of operation.

Types of Repairs

Repairs of leaks to strip collectors, rigid solar panels and pipes.

Repairs of leaks to your solar pool heater.

Repairs to the solar pool heater pump itself.  After detection you may need the assistance of an electrician or plumber, we can advise.

Re-adhering or replacing of loose or worn strip collectors.

Important Notes

If you have a saltwater pool that is chemically treated and there is a leak in your solar system it is important to get this fixed as soon as possible.  If left too long the leak can cause roof or property damage.

As soon as you suspect that your solar pool heater pump is malfunctioning you need to take action by calling us or emailing us and switching the pump off.  If left running, one problem with your pump can become many, and far more expensive to repair or even replace.

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