At Eco Solar Pool Heating we supply and install a large variety of swimming pool covers.  We can supply and install the cover of your choice from basic bubble type covers through to fully motorised safety covers.

Advantages of having a swimming pool cover

Swimming pool covers:

  1. Are very effective in saving water through reducing the evaporation that occurs in our hot – and sometimes dry summers – and even winters…
  2. Save you electricity by helping to keep your pool water clean.
  3. Help keep your pool warm – and even if you do have pool heating, a swimming pool cover will mean you need to use less electricity to keep it warm.
  4. Reduce chemical use which is good for the environment, makes the pool more pleasant to swim in and also saves you money.

We recommend, source and install pool covers manufactured by:-

Remco Covers and Enclosures; and
Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers.

All pool covers made by both Remco and Daisy are Australian made and come with factory backed warrantees as they are made to the highest standards using quality materials, so they last.  We are very experienced in installing products from both of these companies and are happy to do so because they provide a quality product which is environmentally friendly.

After visiting the websites of Remco and Daisy to evaluate the variety and quality of their products, please feel free to contact us for a quote for the supply and installation of any of their swimming pool covers.

Motorised and Automated Pool Covers


Swimming Pool Covers remco


Remco Covers and Enclosures are proudly installed in Qld by Eco Solar Pool Heating.

Remco is Australia’s best-known manufacturer of motorised, automated, and multifunctional pool covers. Remco pool covers keep Australian pools child safe, clean, and beautifully warm all year round.

Remco pool covers save our precious water and are environmentally friendly dramatically reducing chemical and energy usage. Remco motorised safety covers, vinyl covers and enclosures are available Australia wide. Please contact us for more information or Visit the Remco website.


Swimming Pool Covers Daisy

Daisy is Australia’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool covers and roller systems. Sold only by experts, Daisy supply nationwide through a distribution network.

The images below are Daisy Winterkleen Pool Cover. WinterKleen pool covers are the ideal choice for pools that experience excess garden and leaf debris.

Daisy Pool Cover
Daisy Pool Cover

Please contact Eco Solar Pool Heating for an obligation free quote on any Daisy products or Visit the Daisy website.

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